Daylilies should look like this!

Not This!

There are three ways to deal with Daylily Rust

  • Ignore it!
  • Constantly spray fungicides!
  • Select Rust Resistant Cultivars!

This site was created to help you choose rust resistant cultivars.

How to find Rust Resistant Daylilies?

There are two ways to find rust resistant daylilies on this site. The first is the search page, clicking Search on the menu will take you there. The second is a page containing a list of daylilies which have excellent rust scores located here.

A little history of daylily rust

Daylily Rust first entered the U.S. in the early 2000's. A number of studies were conducted to determine if some cultivars were more resistant than others. It was discovered that some cultivars show high resistance to rust and others moderate resistance and some no resistance. Daylily rust resistance is probably based upon some as yet unknown genetic traits. Hybridizers have noticed that certain cultivars seem to pass along their resistance to their children.

Whats in The Daylily Rust Database?

The Daylily Rust Database contains the data from all the studies conducted to date.

A new study called the Austin Study was started in late 2020. The database contains all of its data. You can learn more about the Austin study here. All future data from the Austin study will be added to this database.

Some daylily hybridizers now actively select for rust. They discard any seedlings showing rust susceptibility. Cultivars from hybridizers with a rigorous methodology for selecting and scoring their cultivars have been added to the database.